About Us
IŞILDAR PLASTİK, has made a name for itself with its success in becoming growing its commercial reputation and turning into a major brand in the electrical hardware industry. Today, it rigorously continues its business despite all the challenges and with a vision focused on a brighter future. Our portfolio, which we have been maintaining and improving ever since , and the product and service quality that we offer in accordance with our business principles are the greatest proof for the levels of importance and the professionalism in our work.
 We have no doubt that the energy and inspiration that we receive from you, our valued customers, shall carry us further towards our future goals. The strong dialogues and sturdy bridges of friendship that we have built throughout this journey which we have set on along with you; helps us strengthen our relationship day by day, through cooperation. It is this motivation that we receive from you, which keeps us strong against the factors that threaten our national economy and the other restricting elements. We hope that we have never failed so far the trust you have been giving us, the Işıldar Plastic Company. We would like you to know that we will work vigorously in order to deserve this trust of yours. We owe our thanks to you for everything.

IŞILDAR PLASTİK İkitelli Organize San. Böl. İPKAŞ San. Sit. 3. Etap B Blok No:3
İkitelli - Küçükçekmece / İSTANBUL
Tel: +90 0212 549 53 93 Faks: +90 0212 549 53 96 e-mail:info@isildar.eu